The technology, manufacturing plants and experience in the manufacture of Vipal Rubber products ensure the quality of
our compounds. You choose how you want the product to reach your company and Vipal Rubber can
develop or improve the product through two supply models:

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Standard Compounds

Based on formulations developed by Vipal, you
choose what serves you best and Vipal Compounds
makes the necessary adaptations to your needs.
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Special Compounds

According to the type of compound required, as well
as the performance and cost characteristics that it has to
meet, Vipal Compounds can develop the most suitable

We also work with reverse engineering, where we
develop the rubber compound from a sample of the product.


Vipal Compounds has one of the most modern manufacturing, research and development
structures in the rubber segment. The advanced Research and Technology Center (CPT) and our industrial plants
transform the experience we have acquired over 45 years of history into products that bring together
quality, durability, and savings.


See why you should buy rubber compounds from Vipal Compounds:

High productive capacity
216,000 tons/year;

Ability to produce
black and colored compounds;

Quality control laboratories
for the raw material and compounds
being manufactured;

Banburys of different sizes
and configurations, which allow for
production flexibility;

Multidisciplinary technical team
with experience in the development
and manufacture of rubber compounds;

High quality standard,
from the raw material to the
final compound;

High standard of automation and
supervisory systems in
compound production lines;

Experience and competence
in manufacturing
compounds for 45 years.

Research and Technology Center
focused on the development of

Rubber Types

Natural (NR),
Polybutadiene (BR), SBR

Nitrilic (NBR), EPDM

Polychloroprene (CR),
Special rubbers


In order to meet the demand of several
markets, Vipal Rubber works directly
with customers, developing specific
products for different
segments. Check out the
main markets.




tires and hot tire retreading



Supply Formats

Vipal Rubber supplies the compounds in a variety of formats to
better meet the industry needs.
See the main supply formats.


Custom boards

Strips (strip rubber/

Calendered compounds

Colored compounds

Extruded rubber profile


The constant technological evolution, an indispensable condition during the four decades of Vipal
Rubber tradition, is a deciding factor to continue offering the market’s most complete line of products.
Commitment to excellence makes the company a worldwide reference in rubber.

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ISO 9001/2015

The quality of everything Vipal Rubber does is ensured
ensured through strict control, covering all process phases,
including suppliers’ homologation, approval and analysis
of raw materials and supplies receipt, production
process control and final inspections. In addition, processes and
products are often audited by internal and external auditors,
ensuring that improvement opportunities are continuously identified.

Vipal Rubber has had the ISO 9000 series certification since 1995
and, today, it is proud to have the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.
Thereby, we have our quality as one of our main
distinction elements and this is
recognized worldwide.

For these reasons you can be sure that Vipal Rubber
understands everything when it comes to rubber. And, thus, it
understands each of its processes and compounds as well.
Always count on Vipal Rubber’s experience and quality
for the best and most specific solutions in the market.

Production Units

The Compounds division relies on the experience of a company
with over 40 years of tradition searching for rubber quality and
innovation. With an industrial park of over 183,000 m2 and
a production capacity of 19,000 tons per month,
Vipal Compounds has excellent machinery for all types of

Here you can find equipment that makes the difference
in the processes.

In the manufacture, we use banburys of the most varied sizes and
models, from 60 liters up to 240 liters banburys, with 2 or 4
wings, variable speeds, automatic oil and
carbon black dosages and supervisory systems.

In addition, Vipal Rubber equipment has a high level
of automation and supervisory systems that ensure at every
production process stage, the excellent quality standard
that the Vipal Rubber brand carries.

Production capacity of 216,000 tons/year

R&D and

Vipal Rubber focuses on the
application of the most advanced
technologies for manufacturing, testing and
developing compounds
with organization and agility.

With three factories in Brazil and 3000 employees, it counts
on a team, structure, and productive capacity
to serve customers in every continent.

Vipal Rubber R&D laboratories, in addition to having traditional
equipment, such as tensiometers, rheometers,
viscometers, RPAs, ozone chamber, also own instrumental
analysis equipment (DSC, DMA,

Chromatography, FTIR, Electronic Microscopy, etc.) and one pilot
plant with mixing and vulcanization equipment.

Vipal Rubber’s laboratories allow for small-scale pilot evaluations,
promoting agility in product development
and making Vipal Rubber a true partner in your business.

From the specifications, application characteristics and/or samples, Vipal Rubber is prepared to meet the most
diverse demands with competitive costs, quality assurance, and deadline compliance.

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